A time of unemployment may bring with it a certain degree of panic and stress. It is important to note that allowing yourself to stay perpetually stressed and panicked will not only slow down your job search efforts, but it can also throw off your other life responsibilities. So how do you balance your job search with your family responsibilities?

Work is Work Life is Life

Many people have a hard time differentiating between work and life. For many work is life, life is work. This is not too bad of a situation if your entire family is a part of your work as well, such as a family business. But for many people that is not the case at all. Work has absolutely nothing to do with their family, so when they focus on work during family time the family feels pushed to the side. This can be discouraging for everyone. When you push your family to the back burner during a job search, you will just bring out more neediness and clinginess in them later, especially young children.

Set up a schedule for your job search. Allocate certain hours each day to your job search, just like you are clocking in to work. When your time is done quit searching and move on to your family responsibilities. When you focus you attention more fully on each task you will do each task more effectively.

Get the Family Involved

If you can find fun, stress free ways to involve your family in your job search, then by all means do so. This is especially a good idea if you have teenage children who will soon be conducting their own job searches. It is a great time to teach them about creating a resume, how to perform a job search based on your skills and experience and even how to prepare for an interview.