Life as a first-time mum is a transition that calls for plenty of time to get used to. However, after taking care of your little one for a year or more, you may decide that you want to get back to work. Instead of rejoining the work force in your old capacity with a nine-to-five in an office, you want a job that allows you to balance the responsibilities of motherhood with your daily duties.

Working from home is the best solution for mums with young toddlers. You can enjoy the perks of a regular income without having to drag through the daily commute, dress up for work, spend extra money on lunches, and sit in an office all day. You can set your own schedule and work when it’s most convenient for you and your child.

There are a variety of work-at-home jobs that you may not have known existed that could be perfect for you. If you have writing chops or a background in English, you can become a freelance writer. With this occupation, you use your skills with words to craft articles, blog posts, and press releases for a variety of clients. The more clients that you have, the more that you can get paid.

You can also become a bilingual senior technical advisor if you speak or understand multiple languages. With this job title, you’ll work in customer service for companies looking to expand their multilingual reach. All you need is a quiet home office and a phone line in order to answer questions and concerns from curious customers.

If you used to work in human resources before you had your baby, you can speak to your former employer about doing this job and telecommuting. You may have to stop into the office on a weekly or monthly basis, but that’s far less than every single day.

You can also tutor children online using chatting programs like Skype and video technology. If you had worked as a teacher before you got pregnant but you’re not sure that you want to return to the classroom full-time yet, you may be able to support yourself giving various lessons to students over the Internet.