As a new mum, your life predominantly revolves around taking care of your little one and your other children. However, eventually you may want to return to the career that you used to have or even try a new one on for size. The days of you having hours upon hours on end to devote to job searching are done. You could be interrupted at any time with a crying baby or eager kids that need to go to sports practice, ballet, or just got home and are hungry.

Your job search is important, and you have to prioritise this time. The first way to do that is to stress to everyone in the family the nature of what you’re doing. While you can’t expect your young children to grasp it, your spouse and older kids should understand that there’s certain times when mummy has to be left alone without distractions. This is especially important if you have a video or phone interview.

However, even though everyone in the house now knows what you’re up to, that doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn’t expect interruptions. Therefore, you need to be dedicated and able to quickly resume your concentration. If you were in the middle of writing the cover letter of a lifetime before your infant began wailing, give yourself a few moments to compose yourself and get back into that frame of mind.

You’ll also have to search for a job at more unconventional times. This may be during the day once the kids are off at school or later at night once the baby and the children are (hopefully) asleep for the night. Mornings are primetime for the most action in the house, but if you can get some of this time, go for it.

Of course, never be afraid to ask for help. If your spouse already works, their time will be limited, but they definitely shouldn’t mind taking the kids out for a few hours so you can get some time to yourself to apply to openings. While finding a job as a new mum is a little tougher than most, it’s certainly not impossible.