During a job search many individuals are forced to really evaluate their skills and education. You cannot create or update a resume without reflecting on exactly what you have been doing with your life for the last few years. For some this is a time of pleasant surprise as your realize you have done pretty good and gained a lot of skills and experience. However, for others it may not be such a pleasant surprise and you may feel as if you have not marketable skills to offer to a new employer. Here are a few tips on how to identify life skills you have gained that could help you find a great job.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

Just because you cannot categorize a particular skill as something you accomplished at your place of employment does not mean that it is not a marketable skill. For instance, you may have spent many months caring for an elderly parent or relative just out of family obligation or kindness. This could be valuable life experience that could help you find work in the caregiving industry. Mums with small children should realize that there are many other parents out there in need of child care and more than certifications and educational degrees they are looking for someone with kids of their own who understands children first hand. You have that experience even if you have never worked in the “child care industry” you have the life skills that would qualify you for many types of child care positions.

Let Your Resume Do the Talking

While updating your resume include life skills that would make you a great, trustworthy, dependable choice. Make sure you word these skill assets to make yourself sound as professional as possible even if you have never performed these skills at a professional level.